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Is It Worth Hiring A Moving Company?

 Young Woman Contemplating Hiring A Moving Company

Hiring a moving company will give you peace of mind and the time to plan your move, while potentially saving you money.

The following are some of the reasons a Professional Moving Company is worth the money.


Workforce: having a dedicated staff of qualified movers and their support team, ensuring a safe, fast, and generally ultimate all-around move. Disassemble, wrapping, moving, and reassembling your furniture and appliances can and does take a considerable amount of time.


Having movers that do this every day is considerably faster and less expensive than finding someone to do it for free. Not to mention five people doing it for free have significantly less enthusiasm then movers working for a company that expects individual working ethics from their employees. If the project winds up taking longer, with a moving company, it's easy to bring more help in to complete the project on time.


Tools: From pipe wrenches to special dollies, you can be sure we have the tools required to disassemble and move most furniture items. Appliances and large furniture items can be challenging for even the most seasoned movers. Proper tools like dollies, straps, and hand tools can mean a smooth move or a very challenging one if you don't have it. Let us worry about those items. If we don't have the right tool, we will do our best to get it.

Equipment: Some moves require larger trucks or possible multiple trucks. Contracting out to a professional moving company ensures that the proper equipment used to complete the project on time.

Time: Professional movers are very well versed in packing and moving and hiring a moving company as compared to doing it yourself.


Truck Cost: This is an area that you can save a lot. As projects can and do run over, a professional mover is less likely to run over significantly as compared to moving yourself, costing you less in truck rental fees and asking help to return.


Insurance: Moving companies are required to have insurance both on their workers and their trucks.  Friends and family are more likely to hurt themselves when moving large items. A professional not only has the experience, equipment, but they also have insurance on those unfortunate occasions someone gets hurt.

Moving Truck To Fit The Move
Secure Storage Short Term Or Long Term

Long Term Storage: From one day to months, storage in a secure location can be provided, and alerting this to the movers before can save you a considerable amount of money.


​Choosing a moving company that is right for your move is imperative to a stress-free move. Save time, money, frustration, and all the emotions that come with moving. Instead, you can focus on those items that are more important, like your new home and how you want it organized. 

For some pros and cons of hiring a moving company check out Jamie Barnett Ph.D. of "Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Movers"

Need more reading? Check out Mikey Rox of Wisebread and his "6 Reasons You Should Always Hire A Moving Company"

At Ultimate Movers LLC, we go above by making sure we are ready before, during, and after your move.

On your next move, make it the Ultimate Move.

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